top posts of 2015

I cannot believe that this year is almost at an end. My blog has grown so much and I want to thank y'all for being part of this. It has felt so rewarding to see my social media channels grow as much as they have and I have loved getting to know you online. It's always interesting for me to look back and see what my top posts were for the year. I like seeing what my readers liked the best, what was the most read, the most pinned, the most commented. 

So, my top five posts of 2015 are:

#5: congratulations! it's a giveaway!

#4: picking the perfect paint color

#3: guest post// diy color block gold leaf log

#2: old window to new frame

#1: bachelorette party game

I am shocked that none of my yummy recipes made the cut! Shocked and hurt people. So very hurt. ;)

Going back into my archives, my top three posts of all time (remember, I've had this blog 5+ years now!) are:

#3: 20 stocking stuffer ideas for babies and toddlers

#2: pioneer trek- tips and tricks

#1: diy pallet wall

Thanks so much for following along! I have grown my blog so much this past year and look forward to more changes in 2016! See you next year, have a fun and safe New Year! If you don't already follow me on Instagram  or Facebook I'd love you see you around there!