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I don't often get PG-13 on this blog, but I really wanted to share the game I put together for my little sister's bachelorette party. ;)
Her awesome matron of honor made us reservations at the local Buca di Beppo, which was really perfect because my sister loves Italian food and that restaurant has such a fun atmosphere. I told her that I would be happy to do a game... actually, I think I probably just told her, "I'll be in charge of a game", because apparently I have an illness where I have to be be involved in everything.

I had found this game on Pinterest called "Porn or Polish", where you have a list of names and you have to determine whether it's the name of a Porn movie or nail polish. It's actually harder than it seems! I wanted a long list so it wouldn't be too easy, but as it turns out I didn't need to worry about it because out of 18, I think the winner still only got nine right!
Also, never google the phrase "porn titles", because although you'll just get an alphabetical listing, some of them are enough to scar you for life.

  1. Limbo Bimbo - nail polish
  2. Bachelorette Bash - nail polish
  3. Precious Pink - porn
  4. Sexagon - nail polish
  5. White Chocolate - porn
  6. Private Weekend - nail polish
  7. Sugar Daddy - nail polish
  8. Lady black Rose - porn
  9. The Thrill of Brazil - nail polish
  10. Meet Balls - nail polish
  11. Tuck it in my Tux - nail polish
  12. First Timer - nail polish
  13. Pulp Friction - porn
  14. Size Matters - nail polish
  15. A Quiver Runs Through It - porn
  16. Tart with a Heart - nail polish
  17. Polish Party - porn
  18. Mad Women - nail polish

I think it was a fun addition to our evening and was definitely a conversation starter. :)
For the winner I had a little bag with an Essie nail polish (the First Timer color), and Ulta gift card, and some Hershey's Kisses.

I think it was a fun addition to the night, but wasn't too scandalous, after all, this is my little sister we're talking about.

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