old window to new frame

This is one of those rare times that I didn't post about something fairly quickly after it happened.
I actually made this window frame as a Christmas gift for my parents three years ago!

When I saw this window I thought it would be a perfect picture frame for a wedding photo of my parents. Down the road I'd like to put wedding photos from my sisters and myself in the smaller panes.

The glass was in excellent shape when I got my hands on this window, but the wood frame itself was not. There was a lot of not-so-fun prep work before I could start making this into a repurposed vintage frame. There were layer upon layer of old paint that had to be scraped and sanded, and of course you always want to be extremely-extra-super careful if you think you might be dealing with lead paint. I also had some holes I needed to patch in with wood filler.

Finally, after all that prep work was done it was ready to paint a soft aqua color that I knew my mom would love. My dad is pretty easy going and loves anything.
I think he gets that from being the only male in a house full of women for so long.
Anyway, I took a digital file that I had scanned into the computer down to my local Staples and had them print up an engineering print, which is really inexpensive (only a couple dollars), and the quality was great! It also turned out to be almost the exact right size that I needed so I barely had to trim it at all!

I applied it to the backside of the glass with Mod Podge, and there you have it! It was actually pretty tricky to get the picture on there nice and straight and without air bubbles, so if I make another one of these (I'd love one for my house and I still have some windows in the garage) I might try to figure out another way to apply the picture.

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