top posts of 2014

Wow, this year has been a pretty exciting one for Little Dove Creations! My business and blog has grown so much and I have all of you to thank! And another special thank you to everyone who follows me on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest!

Let's look back at some of my most popular posts from 2014, shall we? All pictures link back to the original post.
In second place was my hospital bag checklist, which includes a handy dandy printable for you.Will any of my awesome readers be needing this in 2015?... ;)

My homemade cuticle and hand cream came in third place. I still use this and keep it in my purse with me at all times! It's still the stuff that works the best for me and is so easy to make!

There must be a lot of Fenton's ice cream fans out there, or maybe just fans of ice cream in general, because my recipe for toasted almond ice cream came in fourth place.

My fifth most viewed post from 2014 was my tutorial for making a vintage soda crate, if any of y'all have made some, I would LOVE to see pictures!

And my most viewed post from 2014 was, surprisingly, my "Family is of God" flip book. I really enjoyed sharing some singing time ideas with all of you this year!

As far as posts from my archives go, my post of making your own pallet wall is still going strong in the #1 spot, and I don't see anything catching up to it anytime soon

I know that 2015 is going to bring some more changes to our house, and some changes to this blog, even if I'm not 100% sure what they all might be yet. Thanks for reading along and sharing your sweet comments with me! I'll be back in 2015!

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