primary singing time: "the family is of God" flipbook

This Sunday I'll be introducing "The Family is of God" during singing time and I wanted to make a little flipbook with some pictures and the lyrics that the children could take home with them and maybe share with their families.

All the pictures are from (except for the picture frame on the front) and I am pretty pleased with how quickly it came together and how it turned out!
{Here} is the PDF file of the flipbook.

Update: Wow! I have had so many page views and repins of this already and I am so glad y'all like it! I'm sorry that I didn't originally include directions for how to  correctly fold this flipbook, I guess I just assumed that  everyone had a middle school teacher who was obsessed with these like I did. :) Hopefully these pictures will help you figure it out if you're having trouble!
1. First, fold in half lengthwise, "like a hot dog" (remember that term from school days?)

  2. Unfold and fold in half the short way, "like a hamburger". Then cut a slit down the middle fold line, halfway across.

 3. This part is kind of hard to explain and show, but then you want to unfold it, and refold it lengthwise. Then fold it into itself, like an accordion. 

4. Do the final fold, so that "The Family is of God" is on the front, and the final verse should be on the back. All done!

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