homemade cuticle and hand cream

Sometimes less is more.
Unless we're talking about chocolate cake, in which case, more is more.

I've been trying (over the past year or so) to minimize my cleaning and beauty products. I don't want a million different things that all accomplish the same task. I don't buy any type of cleaning scrub (like Comet) because I already have Oxy Clean and baking soda, and they both do the same thing, plus they smell better. I only need two eye shadow colors because I can blend them in various ways to achieve different looks. So along those lines, I have been discovering recently all the uses of coconut oil and shea butter and my life has gotten simpler again. But I'm not going to go over all those today, today I'm just have a simple, homemade cuticle and hand cream to share, and y'all, it's awesome.
By the way, did you know you're not supposed to trim your cuticles?! This is another thing that I just recently found out; I have been cutting my cuticles for years! How did I not know this?! I have always wondered why I couldn't get my nails and cuticles to look nice, and now I know!
Once I decided to put away my cuticle trimmers it was a hard adjustment period for a couple of weeks, I really wanted to cut my poor, damaged cuticles; but I stayed strong and now my nails and my cuticles have never looked better!

Simple Cuticle & Hand Cream:

Both shea butter and coconut oil are great natural moisturizers and will work on their own to, but I think combining the two mix their best qualities, like a Bichon Maltese, or a Labradoodle. 
Yep, just like that.

The coconut oil really penetrates the skin, but the shea butter helps it not be quite so greasy; it also contains both Vitamin A and E. And trust me when I say that a little will go a long way! This is one of those times when less is definitely more. :)

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