the fabulous fair

Last month, as we have every year since we've moved to northern California, we went to the Nevada County Fair ( check out 2012 {here} and 2013 {here}).
My kids were in an extra good terrible mood that night, so I had to rush through the exhibits, but I did manage to find some awesome and inspiring ones to share with you!

I thought this painted rocking chair was incredible, but I would feel a little weird sitting in a naked mermaid's lap. ;)

I love the idea of making a shadowbox full of your wedding memories. I even did something similar to help preserve and show off my wedding bouquet last year.

I loved these cut book pages that say "whimsy" and "dream". Something like this would be perfect in my daughters' Alice in Wonderland room.

This bowl was just one of several gorgeously carved items that a woodworker had displayed as he was doing a demonstration. I loved the different colors and patterns in the wood grain!

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