findings at the fair

Last week our family went to the Nevada County Fair and we had a great time. Even though the kiddos are too little to go on rides yet, the fairgrounds are so beautiful that it was really enjoyable just walking around and checking out the different animals and exhibits amidst all the trees.

I thought I would share a couple of my favorite entries that I came across. The first was in the textiles building. I'm not a quilter but I really admire those that can. I loved all the structures on this quilt, seeing it in person was even more impressive.
However, this was my favorite entry that I saw. I was so impressed by it and couldn't believe that it only came in third place in the Amateur Woodworking division. The first and second place were nice too, but this hanging bassinet was one of the neatest ideas I'd ever seen. It would have been perfect for my son's nursery when he was a baby.

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