fair finds

We went to the Nevada County Fair again this year and once again I found some fabulous things to ohh and ahh over. :)

First up, I saw this awesome table. Can you imagine being able to make something like this? If you bought it in a store you'd have to pay an arm and a leg, I'm sure.

Then I looked over and saw this amazing clock. I think all the intricate carving is gorgeous; I wonder how much time something like this would take to make?
The last woodworking item that I drooled over is this beautiful rocking chair. I really want one just like it! You really need to appreciate it from all angles.

Something that really caught my eye in a separate category was this antique collection of old spice tins. I fell in love with it and since something like this would be perfect in my kitchen, so you can bet I'm going to be scouring antique shops and old ladies' homes! :)