favorite things party 2015

I held my second annual "Favorite Things" party a few weeks ago and once again, it was lots of fun! I'd been trying to figure out a good date to have it since August, but with being so pregnant, then having a brand new baby, then October was crazy busy... finally I was like, "I've just got to have it before the year is over!" And I am so glad because it was a much needed girl's night in!

I kept the same basic format as last time, with asking everyone to bring three of one of their favorite things ($5 max per item), as well as their favorite appetizer or dessert to share. I love this party not only because it's fun, but because it really is low stress. I basically just have to make sure my house is clean (although, with four little mess makers that is easier said than done) and the only decor prettying up the food table.

Last time I went with an aqua and yellow color scheme since those are my two favorite colors, this time I chose pink and red because it matched the Evite I had picked out, and I thought it was fun and festive to go along with this holiday season. My favorite thing for parties lately is to skip the paper products and use mis-matched plates and mason jars for glasses. Thanks to a dishwasher it doesn't make clean up any harder, and I don't have to run out and purchase plates to match my decor scheme. I have amassed an array of appetizer plates so I pretty much always have some that will  go along with any decor I pick.

Last year for an activity at the party we made some bath salts, this year since the party was being held so close to Christmas I decided it would be fun to make some ornaments. I think it's fun to have a little craft or activity to do because it can serve as an ice breaker if you have guests that don't know each other very well, plus I love crafting so it seems appropriate for a favorite things party. :)

This year I walked away with a quality loofah, some cuticle cream, and a massage ball. I was really excited to get several items for pampering, they're much needed! Some of the other items that were shared were:

Have you ever been to a favorite things party? 

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