happy Pioneer Day!

Today is Pioneer Day, which I realize if you're not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or live in the state of Utah (where it's a state holiday), probably means nothing to you. You can check out this Huffington Post article that's pretty interesting and talks about the history of the holiday.

Regardless of your background, we all have pioneers of some form in our family history, and I think it's important to celebrate that! As Thomas S. Monson said, "To all of you noble Pioneers who go before, showing others the way to follow, I urge, 'Carry on.'"

Two years ago (when I was pregnant with my second little lady!) Mike and were a "Ma and Pa" on a handcart trek reenactment and it was an amazing experience; today I've gathered up all the posts associated with that.

Pioneer Journals
Pioneer Trek Clothing
Hand Stamped Washers
Tips and Tricks

5 Gallon Buckets
Travel First Aid Kits

And here are lots of other fun ideas for celebrating our Pioneers!

8 Pioneer Projects for Kids
Make Your Own Paper Handcart
Free Coloring Sheets
Recipe for Pioneer Taffy
Pioneer Handkerchief Dolls

Do you have someone in your family who was a pioneer in some way?

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