pioneer trek: metal stamped washers

Well, y'all might be reading this from the comfort of your air conditioned homes, enjoying an icy beverage (my top choice would be Diet Coke, yum), but I am currently hiking through the heat and jonesing for a shower REAL bad. I like to camp and hike and all, but I also like to be clean, I've been known to shower 3 times in one day. True story.
Anyway, while on trek we needed to prepare 2-3 devotionals and we wanted to give our kiddos a little handout with one of them, so I made these metal stamped washers. It was my first experience with metal stamping and there was more of a learning curve then I expected, but I had a lot of fun! The washers are just regular Zinc washers from Home Depot (6 for $1.81) and the metal stamps are 1/4" size (they're these).
I liked the idea of doing a scripture verse because I figured there was more of a chance of it being worn then if I had put "Trek 2013" or something like that on it. I thought they could wear them on trek if they wanted, and then afterwards they could put them on their key chains or the girls could put them on necklaces, or they could even just keep them in their wallets with their change, whatever. When I make things for other people, I try to think of what I would like. :) The verse is from the Book of Mormon, Alma 57:27- "Now this was the faith of these of whom I have spoken; they are young, and their minds are firm, and they do put their trust in God continually." I thought it went well with the theme of our trek, "Faithful and True We Will Ever Stand".
Here was my original inspiration that I had pinned awhile ago on my Pioneer Trek board:

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