pioneer trek: 5 gallon buckets

As I believe is the case with most pioneer reenactment treks, each person going on trek was allotted a 5 gallon bucket. This is your suitcase for your trip, and also you seat out in the wilderness. I also recommend bringing some sort of cushion for the top of your bucket. Someone in our ward made little pillows for the tops of everyone's buckets in the ward and it was wonderful to sit on during breaks! :)
Here are our "daughters" using their buckets as
seats so they can write in their journals.
Of all the pictures I took on trek, I forgot to get a picture of our buckets until after we got home and they were trashed. But this is good, you'll see how roughed up they get.

They way our stake did it is that each person got a 5 gallon bucket, but each Ma and Pa couple had to supply an extra bucket to keep 2 day's worth of food in for our lunches. That's our food bucket up on top. I made all our buckets basically the same, chalkboard paint, turquoise paint, and turquoise duct tape (we kind of made that our family color, marking our equipment with it and using it on our family sign). On our food bucket we wrote a scripture from Acts on it with a chalk marker. I brought chalk along so we could do hangman or tic-tac-toe on the other buckets, but we never really ended up pulling it out, bummer.
PS- Trek was awesome! The hubby and I would totally go again if they asked us! (fingers crossed)

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