diy watercolor quote

Here is another one of those rare projects that I did awhile ago but never got around to posting for whatever reason.
Some of those reasons might include forgetfulness and whiny children.
I dunno.

But, I really do love how this watercolor quote turned out and I wanted to be sure and share it here because this is definitely one of those projects that anyone, no matter how crafty, can do!

I just pulled a quote from one of the songs of my favorite musical (and if you know which musical then we're bffs)and printed it up on watercolor paper in my home printer. Once the ink was dry I lightly painted an ombre effect with turquoise watercolor paint. I think if I were to do this again, I would try painting the paper first, and then run it though the printer, because some of the computer ink did bleed just slightly.

So, super easy, super quick, and super inexpensive art for your wall! Win-win-win. ;)

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