family tree plaque

You know that satisfying feeling you get when you finally make something that you've had pinned for awhile? That is exactly how I felt after making this Christmas present! I was inspired by {this} family tree that Kirsten over at Made for a King made.
Now of course, she used a wood-burning tool, which has a great look to it and looks like tons of fun to use, but I don't have one of those. I do, however, have a Silhouette Cameo.
I went to Home Depot and bought the same round wood piece that I used for {this} chalkboard project. I lightly sanded the front and sides of the plaque, then treated it with some wood conditioner to ensure that the stain covered evenly once it was applied.

I cut out the vinyl with Cami and then applied the negative part to the wood to use as a stencil. For the staining I used the same technique that I used for {this} sign.

You can see in this picture where all the Mod Podge has been painted on and I'm waiting for it to dry.

Once the Mod Podge was completely dry I started staining, rubbing the stain on with a rag towel and covering the entire service, including over the tree portion. Once you run the stain on , then rub off and you won't have to worry about the stain settling where you painted the Mod Podge on.

The last step was to apply the vinyl names for all the family members, as well as the year they got married. The great thing about this family tree is it would be so easy to add more names later if you need to.

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