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This update happened about a month ago and I am so happy to finally share it with y'all, it's like reliving that happy day all over again when this: replaced with this:
Ohh... shiny. 

The old dishwasher had given us some issues for awhile, we'd push the "Start" button and half the time it would never run the cycle, or it would start and then stop. Even when it did what it was supposed to (and after we'd gotten the motherboard replaced thanks to our homeowner's policy), it still didn't clean the dishes very well, AND the roller on the bottom shelf was broken and it was a pain every time we had to open and close it.
I think that's what they call a first world problem.
There was also the fact that the control panel was on the top. Good for keeping kids from pushing buttons, bad for trying to push the buttons with the door closed. I'm pretty sure that in theory it was supposed to work by pushing the buttons, then shutting the door, but it usually wouldn't start if I did that. 
And hey, don't be jealous of my lovely tile counter tops that always look dirty no matter how much I clean them.

Mike was pretty insistent that this time the control panel was in the front. Surprisingly the kids haven't shown much interest in the buttons. Knock on wood.

Now the only appliance to replace it the kitchen is the big, white elephant in the room, that old electric range that I hate. Hopefully we'll be able to switch that out next year with a new stainless steel range and also convert it to gas while we're at it.
So, let's talk about the new dishwasher we ended up picking out, shall we? It's {this} Samsung dishwasher and so far we have been really happy with it. It cleans the dishes really well, it's pretty quiet, and the racks are positioned in such a way that there seems to be much more room inside, and more height on the top rack. This has come in handy while washing dishes many times! Mike had some issues installing it (that seems to be the modus operandi in our house), which is why I didn't bother including a tutorial for replacing your old dishwasher, but he was finally able to do it and it looks and runs great!
I know that old tile counter tops and the dingy oak cabinets kind of ruin the picture, but you should check out some previous posts and see how far this room really has come in the roughly 18 months that we've lived here. Check out some more kitchen shots {here} and {here}; and some other house updates {here}.

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