operation: more kitchen storage please (part 2)

On Monday I started telling you about the big change in our kitchen; the new door, taking away some cabinets, and adding some others.
So, here's where we left things:

Notice that we hadn't changed the flooring out where we were planning to place the new cabinet. We wanted to make sure that the new cabinet was the same height as the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen, and they were sitting on the old linoleum flooring. Also notice that we had a air vent smack dab where we wanted to put the new cabinet.
You know, because nothing can ever just be super easy.
All in all, it was a pretty simple fix by cutting a rectangle out of the front of the cabinet and making an L-shaped air duct out of some metal flashing. You can just barely see the new location of the air vent in the picture below.
Then the only problem we were left with was the offensive upper cabinet that was above the peninsula.
But, once that came down then we were left with this beautiful sight:

It's amazing how much bigger and brighter the kitchen seems now.
And yes, I still need to finish painting the ceiling in there (we still haven't replace the recessed light above the sink with a new pendent light).
I have been slightly busy.
And also slightly lazy.
But mostly just the busy thing.

And with that, Operation: more kitchen storage please has come to an end. We added so much storage (even with taking away those upper cabinets) that we actually have empty cabinets now!
So now in the kitchen we just need to:

That's all.
Barely anything left to do really.

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