operation: more kitchen storage please (part 1)

We have gotten so much done to our house in the past few months, and this update of more kitchen storage is one that I had been especially looking forward to; it probably comes in second place after the new floor.
Our kitchen is a good size, it's got great cabinet and counter space, but there was no real place for a food pantry. I kind of had food in lots of different places and I couldn't keep it organized because it didn't make any sense. Plus, we had some upper cabinetry that even I (being nearly 5'10") had a hard time reaching, and I HATED the upper cabinets we had hanging over the peninsula (you can see them in {this} post), I just really felt like it closed the kitchen off. Luckily, we had a floor to ceiling cabinet in our master bathroom that we knew we wouldn't be keeping once we remodeled that bathroom and it exactly matched the cabinetry in our kitchen. But first we had to find a spot for it...
The old sliding glass door was on its last legs anyway and this was really the only spot that we could add more storage without rearranging the whole kitchen, which isn't something that we want to spend money on. The problem was that a to of light comes in from the side of the house and we were afraid we'd regret a rash decision to basically cut our light coming into the room in half (and I am a BIG fan of natural light). So, we stuck an old door and some cardboard up for a few weeks covering half of the sliding glass door so we could see what it was like.
The verdict?
We barely even noticed the difference of light coming in, and we decided the extra storage would far outweigh the light we'd be losing. We had to special order a french door without the grids from Home Depot; but once that came we got busy (well, my dad got busy) putting up a wall and putting in a new door.
So, here's phase one of making a suitable pantry in our kitchen. And I LOVE our new door! 
To be continued. ;)

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