i think i love you

No, for real. How could you not love something that has turned this...
...into this?
Okay, so it obviously didn't just magically happen. My sweet husband has been working hard in his minimal spare time to replace all the gross carpet in our house with some wood laminate. We probably have the flooring in about a third of the house replaced now. When we were talking about what kind of flooring we wanted to put in, we knew we wanted laminate wood flooring with a hand scraped look; without paying an arm and a leg. The flooring we picked is {this} from Home Depot. We would have loved to find flooring we liked with the underlayment already attached, but there wasn't anything in our price range. We ended up getting {this} premium underlayment and we are REALLY pleased with it so far, it's so cushiony and really muffles the sound! The combined price for the flooring and underlayment together still comes to about half the price of the least expensive flooring we could find that we liked with the underlayment attached.
By the way, could we talk just for an tiny moment about how ironic it is that the one quality thing in our house was something that we ended up having to rip out?
Although the wood flooring in the entry way had seen better days and really needed to be refinished, it was still sad to rip out 3/4 inch real wood tongue and groove flooring. We briefly talked about trying to stain it to match, but the flooring heights were just too different and ultimately decided it would be better to just rip it out.
Bam. Gratuitous 24 week belly shot for ya. :)