tissue paper flowers

Y'all, it's that time of year again, the time when some awesome-sauce bloggers have gotten together to encourage us to "stop pining and start doing"!

I LOVE the Pinterest Challenge, and this round came at the perfect time since I had something planned I wanted to make for church anyway. I've talked before {here} and {here} about my calling in my church (a calling is a position or assignment in which a church member has been asked to serve or perform). Well, it's pretty customary for the kids to get up on Mother's Day and sing a song or two about moms. It is so sweet and I always look forward to seeing those cute kids singing during our Sacrament meeting. This Sunday they'll be singing "I Often Go Walking" and "The Dearest Names" and I thought it would be cute to make some paper flowers for the kids to hold while they're singing, and then give to their moms, grandmas, or another special woman in their lives. Last Sunday when I was talking to the kids about this, I also encouraged the older kids to think about a woman in the ward who might not have small children at home anymore and maybe give her a paper flower.
So last week I searched Pinterest and came up with a couple of different paper flowers tutorials that I liked.
From Rust and Sunshine
diy tissue flowers
From Design Every Day

And here is my attempt, and yes, they kind of look like the kids made them and not me; 11 down, about 24 more to go. :)


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