Primary singing time: paper snowballs

{I have mentioned before that I am the Primary chorister for my ward at church and this is just the first post of many to help fellow choristers out there with ideas, as I have been helped by others. I'm hoping to post one or two Primary Singing Time ideas a month.}
This was pretty easy to plan and the kids really seemed to like it, however, I did have to keep reminding them to be reverent. I only did this with the Senior Primary kids and you'll have to use your judgment to know if it's right for your own kids.

To start with I showed the "I Am a Child of God" video that's on the Mormon channel on YouTube. Then I talked about how the week before we had cut out paper snowflakes and talked about how each one is different, just like we are all different and we're all children of God. I had the first verse and second verse to "I Am a Child of God" (CS 2) written out on two large sheets of paper, which I stuck to the chalk board with magnets. I had left different words out of each verse and wrote them down on individual pieces of paper, which I then crumpled up into paper "snow"balls. Once verse at a time, I threw out the snowballs and had the kids catch them, then they came up to the board and taped the words in the correct spot. Then we sang through the verse.

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