strawberry & lemon trifle

As has become a tradition around here, this weekend I made a trifle for dessert after Easter dinner. And although I am a big fan of chocolate (that might be an understatement) I again opted for a lighter, fruity version. There's just something about a nice, fruit-filled dessert after a heavy dinner that I find refreshing. Besides, it's Spring! Whoop-whoop for warm weather and fresh fruit galore! 
I was also inspired by some lemon cookies I still had leftover from this post and thought strawberry would be a nice flavor combination with the lemon.

I didn't want the lemon flavoring to be too overpowering, so I mixed one package of vanilla pudding with one package of lemon pudding and I really liked the result. However, if you want more of a lemon flavor then you can just use two boxes of lemon pudding. 

In a traditional trifle the cake layers are soaked in some type of liquor, but we don't drink so instead I poured some homemade strawberry syrup over the chunks of strawberry cake.
The crunch of the crushed lemon creme cookies was a really nice contrast both texture-wise and flavor-wise with the pudding and the cake layers.

What's your favorite dessert for Easter dinner?

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