little peanut pallet sign

Baby shower season seems to be upon us and I'm super excited that I get to help co-host another one soon (is the phrase "help co-host" being redundant?). Just like the last one, this one is also for a girl and the theme is elephants, how fun is that?! Also, this is the first girl baby shower in a LONG time that I have helped to co-host where the colors weren't pink and aqua. Don't get me wrong, I love those colors, but I am excited for something a little different.
I have shared many different pallet signs before so I won't go into a lot of detail about the process. It's basically the same as my "the weary world rejoices" pallet sign, but in reverse.

I could have painted on Mod Podge first to seal the edges of the vinyl stencil so that the lines would be nice and crisp, but I knew I wanted it distressed so I didn't bother. Mod Podge can also make it a little harder to distress the paint with your sander afterwards because it has a tendency to go from looking brand-new to oh-no in a flash.

I really love the way this one turned out! I especially love the momma and baby elephant image I found, how perfect is that for a baby shower?
I can't wait to share the rest of the shower with you in a couple weeks with everything all together! Have you been to any showers lately? What were some of the themes? I love hearing about different ideas!

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