grasshopper fudge

Sometimes I sit down to write a recipe post and I can't think of anything to say because all I can think about is eating more of whatever I'm posting about. It's a problem.
That was obviously the case with this grasshopper fudge because it is so thick and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Plus, the chocolate and mint flavor combination is on point. As I shared in a previous recipe, I am a big fan of mint and chocolate together.

For Christmas treats this year I thought it would be fun to make a bunch of different kinds of fudge. So, of course I knew I wanted to create the perfect mint chocolate fudge. 
I also knew I wanted to make a lot, so be warned that this recipe is going to call for four bags of chips; that is enough for one 9x13" pan of amazing, homemade fudge and I'm pretty sure you'll agree that you want at least that much.  However, you could easily split the recipe in half if you want to and just use a 8" square pan.

This grasshopper fudge has layers of dark chocolate, mint, and even crushed up mint creme cookies. 
Making some gourmet fudge like this is simple, yet impressive looking when you're giving as a gift to friends and neighbors! You can find the recipe //here//.