Grasshopper frozen custard

When we lived in Lubbock there was a place that I loved to go. When we moved to San Antonio I looked for a place like it, but couldn't find anything quite the same. Now that we're back in California I still dream about it. That place is Sheridan's Frozen Custard. If you live by one, I envy you. Other frozen custard I've tried just isn't the same.
Back when my little dove was 10 months old.
So, a little while ago I started looking for a copycat recipe for my hubby's favorite flavor, Grant's Grasshopper. I couldn't find one but I did find a vanilla bean frozen custard recipe that I adapted, and though it wasn't a perfect match, it was pretty delicious!

I used a recipe found on The Concrete Runner blog for the base recipe. These are the alterations I made: instead of using a whole vanilla bean, I added 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and one teaspoon of mint extract (and some green food coloring). Then, during the last step (when mixing it in the ice cream maker) I added semi-sweet chocolate chips (pulsed fine), mint cream sandwich cookies (store brand mint Oreos), and some chopped up brownies. So good...

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