new mommy and baby loves

I've been thinking a lot lately about some of my favorite baby things. Not necessarily my "must haves" (although, some of these definitely are!!), but just some of the baby-related things that I am in love with. You know, what things just make me smile, or what am I willing to splurge a little on?

//1. Freshly Picked Moccasins//
I'm going to start off with the one item on the list that I don't own, but have always wanted. :) I just think that there is nothing cuter than itty bitty moccasins on a sweet baby! I also love the story behind how Susan started her company. they come in every color you could imagine, and several cute patterns as well. And although I don't often put shoes on babies (what's the point??), when I do soft soles are the only way to go!

//2. Aveeno Baby Bath Products//
I love Aveeno bath products; especially the lavender and vanilla scent! Perfect for sensitive baby skin, and soothing for my older children as well. Plus,  I know the scent helps me to relax at the end of the day. Obviously other brands will get your baby just as clean, but the smell and soothing comfort for my baby's skin makes this my favorite.
//3. Mother's Birthstone Necklace//
This is definitely not a need or must have, but just something that I absolutely love. Although I have a mother's necklace from a different company (that I love but no longer endorse due to poor customer service I've received), the style is very similar to this birthstone tag from Max & Chloe. I love wearing my children's names and birthstones around my neck and I think every mom should have a little something in her style of choice celebrating her sweet little ones!

//4. Tommee Tippee Bottles//
My first born had some issues at first with bottle feeding (I nursed and pumped), but when I tried these he loved them and things went much smoother! They make special bottle and nipple combinations if your child is prone to tummy issues, and it really seemed to help my little guy out. Similarly, we tried several different sippy cups when the time came to transition and this brand was the only  one he seemed to be able to get the hang of. I know plenty of people that swear by other brands, and maybe some that are cheaper, but these are my favorites and I'll pay a little more for them!

//5. 4 Moms mamaRoo//
I never had a baby swing, only a little bouncy seat so I'll be the first to tell you that you don't necessarily need something like this; but... we bought a mamaRoo for our last little bundle and LOVED it! My sweet little baby girl loved the relaxing motions, and I loved that it plugged into the wall instead of using batteries. Plus, it looks nice and sleek and has a small footprint, which is really helpful if you don't have a lot of room!

//6. Huggies Diapers//
Huggies diapers are definitely my favorite for my babies! This is another case of personal preference, but I have tried plenty of other brands (both name brand and store brand) and Huggies seem to be the ones that fit my kids the best and hold everything in well. Huggies Little Swaddlers are the best when they're little, and after that the Little Movers are awesome!

//7. Aden & Anais Bibs//
The Aden and Anais classic burpy bibs are great because they are large enough to cover your whole baby (even as they get bigger) and can double as a burp cloth! It's a great item to keep in your diaper bag because you're killing two birds with one stone, and I am all about simplifying when it comes to baby gear!

//8. Aden & Anais Muslin Swaddles//
Muslin swaddling blankets are for sure the best out there since they're large, lightweight, and stretchable. I have tried so many different receiving blankets and they always seem so small, how can you properly swaddle a baby in them?! The Aden & Anais muslin swaddles are so wonderful and have the cutest designs! They're large enough to swaddle babies as they get bigger, and when my little s no longer like being swaddled, they're nice a soft to snuggle with, and thin enough so that they can even do it on the hottest Summer nights!
//9. Timi & Leslie Madison Diaper Bag//
I have shared my love for Timi and Leslie diaper bags before on this blog, but I have to mention them again. I just love how this company marries style and function! I'll be back soon with a review post of my latest swoon-worthy bag, but until then I wanted to let you know that now through July 31st, you can use the code littledove20 on their website to receive 20% of your order!

What are some baby items that you just love? What things are you willing to splurge on?

(Some links contain affiliates, all opinions are my own.)