lately and because

Yesterday was a busy day. I usually try to get all my errands run in one day and yesterday was no exception. All though, I gave up before I made it to the grocery store for the couple of things I needed.
Sorry honey, you'll have to go tomorrow after work.
Target was a pretty successful trip though, clearance Easter candy for the win.
And, you know, what I actually went there for. By the way, how did I just download the Cartwheel app this week?!

It was exciting to discover that Home Depot is having Spring Black Friday sales, and they started yesterday. So guess who got two 6-pack of annuals for $1 each and 1 gallon shrubs for $2.50? Yeah, I'm pretty stoked about that. Plus I picked up some gray (or grey, I don't discriminate) spray paint for a project I'm working on in the girls' room. I also picked up paint swatches for their room, and it wasn't until I saw them in this picture that I realized right off the bat that half of them were completely wrong. Could not tell with just my eyes. That's gray for ya.

And does anybody else feel like they've got 10 different projects going on at once right now? I don't know if it's merely nesting kicking in full force, or if it's Spring fever and wanting to #finishallthethings. I made an awesome little flower box today with some old cedar fence boards and some plywood scraps... but am sad to report that I don't have the tutorial for you today; because I've decided lately to cut myself some slack.

I so appreciate all of you that follow, read, comment, share, pin.... everything.
Really, you have no idea how much validation it gives me for the time I put into this blog. I love my little section of the web and it makes me so happy that some of you do too!

But because I'm 22 weeks pregnant and have three little ones to run after, because I've got to start getting to sleep earlier, because I'm trying to be a more attentive, loving, fun mom, because I have other obligations and responsibilities, because, because, because... this is what I have for you today. A sincere thank you to each of you, and an apology that I'm not Supermom.
But, as I already said in this post two years ago, I'm okay with that. Because I think I'm pretty awesome as is. :)

So, please bear with me, and I'll be back next week with an easy flower box tutorial, an update on my girls' room, and a project that I need your help with.
Also, if you want to make an appearance in person, I'll throw in some home baked cookies.

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