I'm not supermom, and that's okay

A few weeks ago I saw a funny e-card on Facebook and I shared it to my profile. I don't repost many things that I see on other people's profiles but this was one I could totally relate to.

Obviously it got many likes because, hey, it's funny. And I'm sure that most moms have thought this once or twice... or a thousand times. However, I got a couple of comments insinuating that I was one of those moms. And I thought, "ha, that's funny". But then I thought back to comments that some friends of mine had made in real life´╗┐, and then I thought about {this} blog post on Blue Cricket Design that I had read a few months ago about bloggers "pretending" online.
So, just so there is no confusion, let me air some dirty laundry for y'all.
Yes, I posted my son's room which I am very proud of.
First of all, I painted nearly all the walls in our house and put up that accent wall before we moved in. It meant a lot of late nights but I knew that it would be worth it because I KNEW that once we moved in painting would not happen with two little kiddos underfoot.
Secondly, although a couple of rooms in my house look completely finished (my son's and my daughter's), I still have this loveliness going on in our master bedroom.
That's right, I still haven't put the outlet and switch covers back on in our room. This would literally take me like a minute to do and I haven't done it yet, lazy much?
And, yes, I shared our gallery wall in our family room and I love it.
But a lot of walls in our house still look like this one in our dining room.
And see that mess on the dining room table? That's left over from last night because I'm trying to catch up on my kid's scrapbooks. I hadn't even started on my daughter's and she's about to turn one. Why is my scrapbooking stuff all over the kitchen table you ask? Oh, because my crafting area (in our garage) looks like a hurricane hit it.
Which it totally did.
Hurricane Justine, category 5.
Not to mention that I am still battling with some stumps in the front yard. The roots may be winning the battle but I will win the war if it kills me. Which it might.

I'm not supermom, the truth is, I don't know anyone who is. I know some moms who are super crafty and are always making cute things for their kids. I know some moms who are awesome at keeping their homes immaculate. I know some moms who create delicious, healthy meals almost every night. I know some moms who are really great at being organized and getting their kids to all their various extra-curricular activities. I know some moms who have a really amazing talent that they're able to teach their kids, like a musical instrument. And I know some moms who are the bread winners for their family and are able to balance work and family with ease.

I'm none of these. I dabble in this and that but I don't sew my kid's clothes, my almost three year old son still isn't potty trained, my house is never all cleaned at the same time, and it was too hot to cook last night so we went out for taco Tuesday at Del Taco. So no, I'm not supermom, but I'm okay with that. My kids are happy, my house is not falling apart (yet), and I'm making small improvements everyday.

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