"you blow me away!" valentines

Sorry I went MIA there for a few days. We were coming back from a trip and the kids got sick, then decided to be nice and get me sick and I just enjoyed relaxing and doing absolutely the bare minimum for a few days.
Of course, now I'm paying for my sloth with a messy house and a bunch of blog posts I need to catch up on; but that's okay, sometimes you need to take a little "you" time. :)
So, my sweet little preschooler has his first Valentine's Day school party today and he was super excited to help me get his valentines together for his friends.

Keeping in mind that we had just gotten back from a trip and I was feeling less than stellar, I really wanted to do something simple. As we were perusing all the goodness that Target has to offer I came across these cute little bubble wands and I knew they'd be perfect. Plus, for someone on a budget, the price was definitely right, only $3 for a pack of 24 which was more than enough.
For these cute bubble valentines, I just printed up some simple labels (you might recognize them as the same ones I use for my product labels, in {this} post) that say "You blow me away!" on one side, and "Happy Valentine's day  ♥ C" on the other.

The little man is pretty excited to hand them out to his classmates tomorrow! How do I already have a kid in preschool?!

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