I feel likes it's been awhile since I shared a house update with you and now I finally get to share an exciting one that happened about a month ago!
When we moved into our house (almost two years ago!!) the previous owners left a HUGE oak media cabinet smack dab in the middle of the family room. Why would they leave such a fine piece of furniture behind?
Probably because it weighed about five tons.

We'd never really had an actual media cabinet before though and this one was free, so we decided to overlook the fact that it wasn't really our style, and make do with what we had.
And, what do you know? Once we removed the top piece from the bottom piece, it was actually a manageable weight to move (you know, with two or three able-bodied men). We took off the glass cabinet doors (you can see what I did with one of them in {this} post), put a "Free" sign on the top piece, put it at the end of our driveway, and it was gone in a few hours!

And we lived with it as pictured above, for more than 18 months, almost two years really. And my poor, sweet husband endured a lot of complaining about it. Okay, not complaining per se, but lots of, "When do you think we'll be able to buy something else?" "I'd really love more storage out here." "I can't wait to get a new media cabinet!"
I know, I'm such a peach, aren't I?
Well, finally and much to my surprise, my husband announced that he wanted to buy the cabinet I'd been eyeing from Ikea for me us as sort of an early Christmas present!
We merrily drove an hour to our local Ikea, procured the pieces that we needed, and assembled it over the next three nights (one a night after the kids went to bed, they were LATE nights!). It's from their HEMNES line in their black-brown color and so far we are really happy with it!

Just keeping it real with my filthy tv screen that I need to clean.
We have so much more storage now and even have extra room on the shelves and in the drawers! And even though it is technically bigger, it doesn't extend out into the room as much so we actually have MORE room then before and room seems bigger to us!

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