DIY antique mirror

Have you heard of looking glass spray paint? I'm sure if you've ever been on Pinterest before, then you have. If not, this stuff is awesome sauce. For reals. It's spray paint that you spray to the BACKSIDE of glass to give it a mirrored appearance.  You can find some great tutorials online, like {here} and {here}. 
I'd been wanting to try it for awhile and happened to have the perfect glass front cabinet door to try it on to make an antique mirror. After sanding the wood frame down, cleaning the glass, and removing the hardware, I was ready to apply my multiple layers of thin coats of looking glass spray paint and diluted vinegar.

After spraying each layer of the looking glass spray paint and waiting a few minutes for it to dry, I then would spritz the surface with diluted vinegar, wait a couple more minutes, and then gently wipe off with an old rag. I repeated this process until I had enough coverage and the appearance I wanted.

Then I brought it inside and painted the frame a nice black to match the rest of the frame in our family room. I think it's the perfect addition to our dining room wall. The best part is, that a mirror this size probably would have been $$$, but all this cost me was the spray paint (which I was finally able to find at my local Hobby Lobby and use a 50% off coupon!)

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