girl's room redesign

Seems like a really long time ago that I posted my daughter's nursery. I guess it seems like it because it has been almost two years.

I've been meaning to post what it looks like now that we've got both our girls in it, but the truth is, I'm not really loving it so much anymore. I mean, don't get me wrong, some things I love even more. Like the fact that the carpet and and the brass mirrored closet doors are both GONE. But I feel like things are so crammed in there now and I never really loved the paint all that much anyway (gray is a surprisingly hard color to get right). Plus in a desire to make sure they each had a space in there, I gave them each a gallery wall of their own, and I don't love the layout of the frames as much anymore.
So I've been day dreaming about rearranging furniture in their room and redoing their gallery walls. Of course, if I redo their gallery walls then I would have a ton of holes to patch up, and if I have to patch holes then I'll need to touch up paint, and if I need to touch up paint then I should probably just repaint since I don't have any paint left anyway.
Did that seem like an "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie" book to you?

I was browsing through the fine art section of and came across this gorgeous Degas print:

Now true, it's not Alice in Wonderland, but I have always loved the Degas dancer prints and I think it would look great up on a gallery wall in their room, especially since it's just a gray sketch so the color is perfect! 
Now of course, when I found this print I started dreaming about everything else I wanted to do in their room... and I might have gotten a little carried away. :)

I think I finally found the perfect light gray color in Sherwin Williams Eider White. I discovered it thanks to House of Smiths and I'm hoping it looks just as good in my house as it does in theirs! 
This beautiful over-dyed purple rug works perfectly with the color scheme and theme of the room. 
I have always wanted a rocker and when I spied this gray tufted glider on Amazon I Fell. In. Love. 
I already own one of the Umbra conceal shelves that I have yet to hang, but I would love to get a few more and space them throughout the gallery wall and get rid of their bookshelf that's just taking up valuable floor space.
Being poor college students when we had our first baby meant just getting an inexpensive crib that would get the job done, but I have always wanted something a little more "special" and when I saw this metal crib I think I literally swooned.
And of course there's the gorgeous Degas dancer print that I discovered. I'm sure there are tons of more treasures on because it seems like they have anything and everything on there! You should take a few minutes and look around!

I will try to get around to posting an updated picture of the girls' room for y'all. 
Have you been dreaming of redecorating any spaces lately? I'm trying to think of how I can convince my husband to let me repaint. :)

**This is not a sponsored post but some links do contain affiliates. All opinions are 100% mine. :)

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