it's Swapoween time!

Well, the past couple weeks have been busy, busy, busy! I have been away from home more than I have been home, PLUS I had some internet issues thrown into the mix so even when I WAS at my casa I wasn't able to get much done! Major frustration over here, but thank goodness for some pre-published posts that meant I didn't miss a single one once my annual summer blogging break was over!

I am so excited that my internet is working and I am back from my trips in time to participate in my first-ever blogger swap! I have heard about these for so long and have always wanted to do one so when I stumbled across Chaotic Goddess Swaps I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take place in my first one! I had just missed their "Local Flavor" swap, which I was pretty bummed about because it looks like such an awesome one! But I wasn't sad for long because their next swap was Swapoween and I got my stuff submitted in time!
I love Fall and Halloween. Ah, who am I kidding, I love all the seasons and holidays! It's always great to have a reason to party (and decorate!), right? As much as I love Summer, there's just something refreshing about the change in seasons, when the air becomes a little crisper, the Autumn colors start coming out, and all those delicious flavors and smells associated with this time of year are in full swing.
Now that I have kiddos I love planning their Halloween costumes and I love seeing everyone else's! It's so fun to see all the different creative ideas that are out there!I especially love that my little ones are at an age where they don't care what they wear, they just love to dress up! Which reminds me, I've got to get working on their costumes for this year! They are going to be SO cute (although last year's cowboy and Indian will be tough to beat!)!
When I was younger I use to love snuggling up and watching ABC Family's 13 Days of Halloween, all those fun (and only slightly scary) shows, because blood and guts and gore=not my thing; a little bit of spookiness and silliness=totally my thing.
And Halloween decorations? Love them! For the inside I tend towards a little more simple and sophisticated than overly cutesy, and for the outside I love the traditional pumpkins and fake cobwebs! I always look forward to pulling out the Halloween box at the end of September!
So excited to get matched up with my blogger so I can start buying goodies and send them out! :)

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