chalkboard door

We have replaced nearly every door in our house (our interior doors here, our kitchen exterior door here); the only original doors left are our front door (which we have plans to give a makeover to) and this pocket door, which leads from our master bedroom to our en suite bathroom.
I love it so much.
(Not really.)
 I know we'll eventually replace the door when we redo the master bathroom (planned for next year), but for a temporary fix I decided on a whim to paint the door with some chalkboard paint I already had.
Also, as I was painting I realized that I totally started the chalkboard craze; in high school I painted the inside of my bedroom door with chalkboard paint and enjoyed many years of funny messages with my family and friends. So there you go, all me.
The door is so old that it already had lost all its sheen, so all I did was wipe it down with some diluted vinegar and got to work rolling on the paint! It turns out, hollow-core, flat panel doors make great surfaces for chalkboards. Just be sure to let the paint completely dry and then condition it by rubbing a piece of chalk all over the surface before writing on it.

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