5 favorite "free" containers to reuse

I want to start this post by saying that I am NOT a hoarder, so please don't be concerned for myself or the welfare of my children.My house is relatively clean and clear of clutter and I only hold on to things that I think will be useful.
Which, now that I think about it, I am sure is what every hoarder uses for justification.
Oh no.

Anyway, in honor of Earth Day tomorrow I wanted to share some of my favorite "free" containers that I like to reuse. I say "free" with quotes because I have to buy them in the first place, but then I can save them and use them for something else, hence, an awesome "free" container That usually takes the place of something that I could have spent $$$ on! :)

1. Large ice cream tubs:
I love these for organizing my kids' toys in places where they won't be seen, for example, inside the drawer of my son's train table to hold his cars and trains so they don't get lost in the abyss of train tracks.

2. IBC soda bottles:
I like to buy IBC diet root beer and cream soda sometimes when it's on sale, then I save the glass bottles. I think I have about 24 clear (cream soda) bottles, and 12 amber (root beer) bottles. These are great for using as casual bud vases or cute glasses at a party.

3. Archer Farms spice jars:
I know that other brands sell their spices in glass jars, but these (sold at Target) seem to be less expensive then most and I am really happy with their quality of spices. I first found them when I was on the hunt for lavender and didn't want to have to order culinary grade lavender online. They were the only regular store I could find it at. The labels on these jars come off really easily too, which is always a plus when you're reusing a jar! You might recognize the cute jar from {this} post.

4. Crystal Lite containers:
We drink quite a bit of Crystal Lite at our house and I never throw out the plastic containers that the little packets come in. I reused this one as a travel first aid kit (in {this} post) and it's the perfect size! it now resides in the glove compartment of my car. I also think they would be a great size for little party favors.

5. Rose's Grenadine syrup bottles:
Grenadine syrup is one of my little splurges for myself. Sometimes on a particularly trying day, regular Diet Coke just doesn't do the job and a little bit of Grenadine syrup added is necessary. Trust me. But the great thing about these bottles is they're SO pretty; so, bonus! I now have a pretty dish soap dispenser (I just added an olive oil spout) and a bottle for the bubble bath in my kid's bathroom.

All of my pretty jars and handy plastic containers (with the exception of the ice cream tubs, since we don't often buy it they are all being currently used for toy storage) live in a cabinet in my garage, so they're not all over the place taking over my life and I always know exactly where everything is.
Which is probably what most hoarders say.

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