pioneer trek: travel first aid kits

Planning for our Pioneer Trek continues and something I quickly put together this week is our little first aid kit we're supposed to bring. We are, of course, going to have a medical team on hand, but each Ma and Pa couple is supposed to have a little kit of some items to take care of more simple problems with us in our handcart. They gave us a list of suggestions, and I substituted some things and added some others. Let's take a look inside, shall we?

So in addition to the normal first aid finds, such as band-aids, alcohol swabs, Neosporin, and Ibuprofen; I also included some cough drops and a few simple sewing items, just in case. I put everything in an empty Crystal Lite container and cut out some vinyl with Cami, because I had to make it cute. :) I think this is a pretty good and concise kit; and after trek is over, I'm going to keep it in my car because now that my little Miss is getting so big and adventurous, I have two little ones scraping up knees and bruising foreheads!

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