simple toddler shirt makeover

Would you believe that this...
And this...
Are the same shirt and that it only took two simple steps to give it a makeover?

Call me a one hit wonder if you want to, but after dying it with some Rit dye (in Navy) I used the same method that I used to lengthen my "maternity" dress in {this} post and sewed some white eyelet trim onto the bottom using a stretch stitch.
Not only did the cute factor get upped a little on this standard Gerber t-shirt, but it added some length, which is something that my kid's clothes always seem to be lacking. My cuties are long and lean so anything I can do to make their clothing last longer and avoid seeing their diapers hanging out is a good thing. :)

By the way, don't forget about the Costume Party next Wednesday! I want to see all those cute, creative costumes!

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