a cowboy and an indian

Someday I'll have little models that will pose for pictures long enough for me to get a good one...

Or maybe not. But hey, a mom can dream, can't she?

I am so excited about my little cuties' Halloween costumes this year and I totally have the hubby to thank for the idea. I really was stuck trying to think of something for them to dress up as that wouldn't be too hard for me to pull together and that they would actually wear. Driving in the car one day talking about this, my husband suggested, "what about a cowboy?" Oh, perfect, I don't even have to make anything! They already have clothes I can pull together for a cowboy look! Then he finished with, "...and an Indian?" Oh man, that means I have to make something... not that I mind really, but remember when I said I was lacking motivation to get anything done? Plus, I was a little nervous about how to do a cute Indian costume.

The shirt, pants, and boots just came out of his closet; the hat is mine because I couldn't find his (I have looked literally everywhere and have decided that it must have walked away on its own), the bandanna is leftover from their birthday party, and the vest came from a costume we bought on clearance after last Halloween. With my son's costume taken care of, I turned my focus to my daughter's and looked to Pinterest for inspiration (of course), and that's where I found {this} and {this}. I was so excited because they looked cute (check!) and simple enough (check, check!). I think she turned out sooooo adorable, but I might be a tad biased. ;)

For my little Miss' costume I already had a plain, white onesie so I just dyed it. I wanted to bring some color into the costume and I figured that blue looked like something that could have been dyed using berries and such from nature. The major expense for either costumes was her moccasins, but I justified it because I knew she was going to need a new pair of shoes for the winter anyway, I had bought my son cowboy boots for their combined birthday party earlier this year, and figured that future kids would be able to wear them since they're gender neutral. I went for these good quality Minnetonka booties and I am really pleased with them. I went into a store and had her try some on (but they only had pink) since I had read so many reviews about them being sized pretty large. I ordered a size smaller than her foot measured and they're still about a size too big on her, but with two pairs of socks they stay on and she can walk fine, and if she has a major foot growth spurt like she did this summer then they'll still fit for awhile. Hear headband was made braiding nine lengths of yarn together and then using the easy rubber band method I talked about in {this} post. Then I glued some feathers onto the yarn. It was really simple and I didn't even have to break out the sewing machine since I could just knot the yarn around the rubber band!

My son is so excited to go trick-or-treating this year and I'm really excited about seeing the two of them going up to doors together!

I want to see all of your cute kiddos in their costumes! And so does everyone else! So next week I will be hosting my first link party (fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong!)!

Here are the rules:

I hope to see y'all there so we can admire each other's hard work and get some ideas for next year!

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