paint dipped utensils

I did it. I got on the paint-dipped band wagon and dipped some new utensils for a bridal shower I attended, and while I was at it I dipped some of my own. Then I gave them a nice buffing with some butcher block conditioner to make them shine like new. With all the new house stuff I've been busy with (cleaning, painting, moving, organizing, going crazy), this quick and easy project is about all I had time for. I used some leftover "opps" paint I had, then protected the painted portion with some non-toxic shellac.

Here was my inspiration:

Paint Dipped Utensils from House of Earnest.
It makes me happy when I can give some love to something old and give it new life. :)

I'm linking up to the Pinterest Challenge I talked about last week, so be sure and go check out all the awesome projects!

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