brother and sister superhero costumes

I am super excited to share the Halloween costumes that I made for my kiddos this year. I thought a lot about what I wanted to dress them up like and my son is still young enough to not really have an opinion on the subject. :) First I considered Thing 1 and Thing 2, then I started thinking about having them be Woody and Jessie, since my son loves the Toy Story movies so much (and yes, I started thinking about this before my little Miss was even born). Ultimately, the idea to make them Batman and Robin costumes came after my mother-in-law made my little dove a couple of superhero capes. I had already pinned this cute girl superhero costume idea awhile ago, so from that moment on I was hooked.

My little dove's costume was really easy; the only thing I had to make was the Batman logo shirt. I used Cami (of course) to cut the shape out of Silhouette's heat transfer material. The mask I just happened to find in a toy aisle at Walmart. I already had everything else.

The costume for little Miss was a bit more involved.  The first thing I did was dye a onesie that I already owned red, then added the Robin logo which I also made with heat transfer material. The other main component to the costume is the green tutu, which I made with two different types of green tulle, and some green mesh. I also bought a small amount of yellow bathing suit material to make her a simple cape. I used  a large bib as a template for the cape; after all, a cape is basically just a bib turned backwards. :) I already had her little headband.

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