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I actually got my Pinterest project done in time for today's post! Believe it or not, I even had it finished on Monday afternoon, amazing huh? So once again, here is the original pin:

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Image from Holly Brimhall Photography

...and here is my version:

Sigh, well I knew it wouldn't look as good as the one in the picture if for only the fact that I don't have an adorable newborn yet. Thankfully, I have a little bit of time to perfect my fabric wrapping/stacking technique (only about 10 weeks left!). I do like my 'pea' that I came up with last minute right before I took the picture. I realized that I had forgotten to rig up something to use as a pea between the mattresses and got to brain storming. Then it hit me--a green Easter egg. I think it worked pretty well, but we'll see if I come up with something different before the photo shoot with my real model. I also have time to experiment with different backgrounds, etc.
This turned out to be a pretty easy project once I got the ball rolling. I purchased a full length (2 1/2 yards) of 2" thick high density foam from Joann's. Ouch, I had no idea how expensive that stuff is! It must have been my lucky day though because foam-by-the-yard was on sale for 50% off AND I had a 20% off my entire purchase coupon, so that helped to soften the blow a little bit. Then I also bought a small amount of canvas fabric. My plan was to divide the foam up into 5 sections that were each 18"x24", that would use up the entire length of foam; but I was only going to sew covers for two of them, one for my little dove and one for baby girl. I figured they could use them for floor mats. The other 3 pieces of foam I would just wrap blankets/fabric around, that way I would still have the foam to make mats for future children, or use for future projects. So that's what I did, I picked out a solid lavender and dots for baby girl, and let hubby pick out the fabric for our little guy. The vintage beach print will work perfectly with his bedroom, but the colors don't really work for the photo so I ended up wrapping that one as well. And my little guy does love laying on it, sitting on it, and running across it (that may be his favorite), so that makes momma pretty happy.
Definitely check back in a couple of months and we'll see how much cuter it looks with my little supermodel sleeping on top. :) I can't wait!

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