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In lieu of a Saturday shout out today, I wanted to make sure y'all heard the good news that it's time for another Pinterest Challenge! Remember back in November when I arrived at the party late, but at least I tackled something from one of my Pinterest boards with a sentimental ornament? Well, I knew this time I wanted to make the deadline (this coming Wednesday, March 14, also known as Pi day :) ) and I also knew right away which project I wanted to accomplish. This is the original picture that I lovingly pinned to my 'Photo Ideas' board back before I was even pregnant. The comment I made under it was, "Oh I hope I have a little girl someday so I can do this! What a great idea!" Haha, wish granted I suppose. :)

Pinned Image
Image from  Holly Brimhall Photography
So since I knew I had to tackle this project this weekend, guess what my sweet husband got to do for our Friday date night? If you guessed that he accompanied me to Joann's for a night of foam and fabric, you'd be right (see, sounds kind of interesting when you put it that way, huh, huh?). I'm excited to show you guys that finished product next week, although be warned, it won't be quite as cute as the one above since I won't have an adorable baby girl to place on top for another couple of months... and I don't think I could get my little dove to sit still long enough, sigh. I also don't think I'm going to worry about finding/making an itsy bitsy ladder, but I do think I'm going to try to figure out some kind of 'pea' to wedge between a couple of the mattresses.

The Pinterest Challenge is  co-hosted by the oh-so-fabulous pair, Sherry (from Young House Love) and Katie (from Bower Power); and their co-hosts this this time around are Erin (from The Great Indoors) and Cassie (from Hi Sugarplum).

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