christmas giveaway!!

This giveaway is closed! Come back for more in the future!
So, I have some sad news followed by some exciting news...

The sad news takes us all the way back to a week before Thanksgiving. I had planned to do a black Friday weekend sale of my baby leg warmers so I went to the supplier where I normally buy the material for them and found that the price had gone up $1-1.50. For the items I sell on my website I really struggle with trying to reasonably price items, for the material and time that it takes me. With that price increase I would have to raise the price of the baby leg warmers and I don't feel right doing that. So, although it makes me really sad because I LOVE making and giving those and they are really popular, for the time being I will not be selling baby leg warmers on my website. I do still have a few 'leftovers' from a craft fair I participated in, so I might sell those in the future as a last-of-their-kind sale, but for now I am taking the listing off the website. I am hoping in the future (maybe once the weather gets warmer and the demand goes down??) I will be able to get the material for the same price I once did and if I do, y'all will be the first(s) to know!

So... on to the good news! To make this a happy occasion rather than a sad one, I have decided to give away these cute red snowflake leg warmers that I have in my stash. AND (I just started a sentence with the word "and", oh well) I will ship them however I need to so that you get them by Christmas**! So, if you still need a stocking stuffer for your little stocking stuffer (that's what all the little grandsons got in our family last year!), or if you need a baby gift for an upcoming winter baby, then this is the giveaway for you!

If you are wondering about sizing, they are one-size-fits-most (from about 3 months to 2+ years). These green argyle leg warmers fit my son last Christmas when he was 7 months, and still fit him this year. They are made of a sock material, so they stretch as your child grows.
I will announce the winner on this blog and Facebook on Friday evening after the drawing, then you email me with you address asap so I can mail them off to you (hopefully on Saturday!!)

**Disclaimer: It is your responsibility to email me with your mailing address in a timely manner. If I am not able to send your leg warmers before Tuesday, December 20th, due to your negligence in getting me your address, I cannot guarantee that you will receive them by Christmas. I also cannot offer free shipping to those living outside of the United States at this time.

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