baby leg warmers

I recently started making my little dove baby leg warmers to keep his legs warm in this chilly fall weather we are having here in Texas. Not only are baby leg warmers super adorable, they are so practical! They keep baby's legs warm, even while changing diapers since you don't have to take them off, and they provide some protection for your little one's knees once they start crawling... but honestly, like I said, they're just plain cute.

These baby leg warmers are made from a super soft and stretchy sock material, so they will easily move and stay in place with even the squirmiest babes, and will fit them for a long while. We all know one of the most frustrating things about baby clothing is how quickly they grow out of them!
Not only do I make them for my own babies, but I'd love for your littles to have some too!  They are one size fits most, ages 3-18+ months, and you can find my available stock in my online shop:

EDITED: picture added 3/2016

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