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I am not much of a jewelry gal and what I do have is super inexpensive because with 3 small children things are always getting lost or broken. I hate throwing away a broken necklace because my creative/frugal side just will not stand for it.
Obviously you could fix your broken jewelry, or if you have a bead collection you could just add it to your mix and recreate something later. Or you could use it to embellish some kind of craft which is what I chose to do with this recent project.

My daughter (who I call SJ) was having a tea party and I knew I wanted to personalize this old door we have. So I simply threw a pennant banner on there, some photos against scrapbook paper, and the  letter S for her name. I was really happy with how easily it all came together. 

I got the plain white letter and the linen green paper from a craft store.
Then I cut the paper out to be the same size and shape as the wooden letter and glued it on.
Next I simple glued the broken beads along the edge with a hot glue gun.  I made sure I had enough to cover the whole letter before I started gluing.

The little paper flower was a last minute addition. You can easily make flowers out of tissue paper. I end up using one of the party napkins to make the flower a perfect match for the celebration. It is so simple to make. You basically just roll up with one end twisted tight and the other end of the napkin fluffed. You could also use a silk flower, button flower, fabric flower, or no flower at all. I just wanted a little something extra so I added it. 
That's it, just cut glue, and glue some more. Easy peasy! 
Now that the party has come and gone the letter adorns a shelf in her room so it wasn’t just a one time decoration which is nice.
Of course this is just one idea of millions! I’m sure some of you have your own ideas for what to do with disregarded beads. I hope you’ll share some of them in the comments. Waste not want not!

Thanks so much for this cute idea Natalie! 
I feel the same way about throwing my broken jewelry, and this is genius!

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