pretty pallet wall

(Let me start by saying I apologize for the poor lighting in these pictures, they were taken late at night.)

If I ever see another wood pallet it will be too soon.

Anyone that has done a plank wall out of reclaimed pallet wood will tell you that it is truly a labor of love. Man, it is a lot of work! I know lots of people on the Internet have shared their "pallet" walls, where they really used planks that they bought, or plywood they had cut, but I wanted this to be as cheap as possible, so free pallet wood it would be! I still have to put the finishing touches on it, like putting the outlet covers back on and finishing it up with some trim on top, but I am really, REALLY excited about how it looks already and I wanted to get a picture before we moved my little dove's furniture in (this weekend!). I am so happy I went through with this, and to think, this pallet wall almost never was...
I know, the gross 80's carpet really ruins the effect, huh? I can't WAIT to rip it out! Hopefully later this year!
Over a year ago, when we were living in Texas, the hubby and I were in the process of buying a house. Long story short, we ended up deciding to come back to California. Even though we were excited for the opportunity to live in such a beautiful place and be closer to family, it was a little heartbreaking walking away from the house that we had already begun decorating in our minds. One of the things I had been planning was an accent wall made out of old pallet boards in my son's room. I had seen plank accent walls before, and pallets were just becoming "the thing" to decorate with. Well, fast forward a little over a year and now it seems like I see the pallet walls everywhere! So when we bought our house here, I kept going back and forth between if I wanted to do a pallet wood accent wall or not. It was such a trendy thing now, did I want to do the same thing as so many other people? The hubby and I talked over different options for accent walls: traditional planks, wainscoting; we even thought about a cork wall. Ultimately I decided that I didn't care if everyone and their dog was using old pallet boards for an accent wall, I wanted to do it so gosh darn it, I would.
I can't wait to share more details with you, as well as the whole room once I've got more done! What do you think so far? Somewhat Simple

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