shamrock trifle

As I mentioned in last week's post, there are certain foods that should not be green. However, I still like to get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit with some festive (and delicious) foods, and these individual-sized shamrock trifles are just the thing (you know how much I love desserts in mason jars).

I used a yellow cake mix and added some green food coloring to make my dessert worthy of St. Patrick's Day. When I baked the cake, rather than baking in a 9x13" pan, I used a jelly roll pan, which is slightly larger so the cake will bake in a thinner layer. then I used a glass measuring cup that was slightly smaller than my jars to cut out circles of cake. You'll also need chocolate pudding, chocolate syrup, mint cookies, and whipped topping. I layered my trifles in half pint jars, but you could easily use a different size and adjust your layers accordingly.

Start with a layer of cake, then some chocolate syrup (mostly around the edge of the glass), then pudding, crushed mint cookies, another cake layer, some more chocolate syrup (again, concentrating around the edge), whipped topping, and finish it off with more crushed cookies.

What's your favorite way to enjoy some green food on St. Patrick's Day?

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