leprechaun punch

St. Patrick's Day is less than a week away. Okay, seriously, how did that happen? This year is already like, a quarter of the way through!
Anyway, I digress.

Like pretty much every other holiday, I love St. Patrick's Day. We don't drink, so we celebrate by embracing the color green in dress and food. Can I be completely honest though? The thought of most green food grosses me out. There are a lot of fun parents out there that will dye their child's milk green, or make them green eggs for breakfast... I'm not one of them; sorry, but those are two things that should not be green.

This leprechaun punch though? Totally green, totally cute, and totally tasty. A fun and Justine-approved green treat to create for or with your child for St. Patrick's Day. For some extra fun you can call it leprechaun potion, like I did with my littles; they thought that was pretty cool. #momwin

Put a scoop or two of lime sherbet in a glass, pour in some ginger ale, and for an extra bonus finish it off with some whipped topping. Just two ingredients and your whole family can celebrate St. Patrick's Day together, deliciously. :)

What do you do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Do you have any special food or drink you like to enjoy?

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