How We Wore It: march

Reason number 3,261 that I love living where we do—how many other places do you know where the town is the perfect blend of small and big, resulting in having a Municipal Airport, but being able to drive out on the runway?

I still remember the first time we stumbled across this fun little secret. We were taking a different route home from church and I thought it’d be fun to try and see if there was somewhere we could park the car for a few minutes so the kids could maybe catch a glimpse of the planes. I knew that there was a local airport, but we hadn’t seen it yet.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only could we catch a glimpse, but we could have gone on the runway and driven doughnuts if we’d wanted to.
Not that I would ever do that or even recommend it. ;)

It was windy so my hair was all kinds of crazy. ;)
I thought that this would make a fun backdrop for this month’s installment of “How We Wore It”. For those of you that are new around here, “How We Wore It” is a monthly challenge to replicate an outfit from an inspiration picture. Deidre Emme puts this little party together for a bunch of us bloggers (it was started by the lovely Brooke Emery who has a bit on her plate right now, what with having a blog, cute toddler, and being preggo with TWINS (squeal!!); so now Deidre is taking the lead) and you can join in on the fun next time around if you’d like by going to her blog and signing up via the Google doc.

March inspiration via Mint Arrow
Let me just say, this month really was a challenge for me. I saw the picture and I thought, “oh crap”. 
I mean, I have nothing like this. I don’t have many white clothes in general (I’m a bit of a messy person + messy kiddos) and I really don’t have many causal dresses at all, mostly just nicer skirts and dresses for church.  Besides that, I don’t even own any cute little sneakers like that. I’ve got running shoes, one pair of boots, some high heels, and flip flops for days. So I might not have sneakers, but I do have Rainbow sandals in four different colors. 
What can I say, I grew up in southern California.

But, one of the things I love about this challenge is that it makes me think outside the box. So I grabbed one of my favorite cream Maxi skirts and paired it with a white top. Ballet slippers might not be sneakers, but I felt like they captured the casual vibe of the inspiration photo. My gray leather jacket and silver Timi & Leslie bag completed the basic look. I’m pretty happy with how it came together, and extra pleased that I finally remembered accessories this time.
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*Necklace from a la mum*

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