Easter baskets for #4under6

Easter Sunday is this weekend and, as always, it has sneaked up on me and I'm in shock about it. Do you realize we're already a quarter of the way through the year?! 
Okay, well, now that I've officially depressed you, let me cheer you up again by sharing some Easter goodies!
Usually I like to theme my children's Easter baskets, but this year I just picked a few things that they needed and a few things that would just be fun (After all, I guess no one really "needs" candy. Except for me. Every day. Some people drink coffee, I eat sugar. It's what gets me through; but I digress...)

First of all, With Summer coming up now is the perfect time to be thinking about what new swimwear they'll need, and I knew all my girls would need new swimsuits. Why can't they make little girl swimsuits that last for more than one season?  My son's swimsuit with fine, but he was in desperate need of a new rash guard.

One of our favorite items for Easter baskets is movies. We had actually picked up a four-pack of movies from the store several months ago so there was another thing that I didn’t have to worry about and didn’t eat into our Easter budget. #winning

Of course you can never go wrong with books, and those are also some my favorite gifts to give. My son will be receiving some easy readers, and my two year old is getting this hilarious book, Everyone Loves bacon. So, so true. In case you didn't know already, I'm a bit of a good deal gift hoarder.
My for my almost 4 year old daughter needed a new water bottle because I still haven't been able to find her from when she lost it several months ago. Actually, she is always misplacing her water bottle. They must all be hiding out somewhere with the lone socks that get lost in the dryer. Finally for my littlest Miss, I ordered some new Sadie Sky headbands, one of which will go perfect with the kid’s Easter outfits this year.
This year I kept the yummy goodies really simple. My 7 month old will be getting some apple flavored rice rusks (love these!) and some cute chocolate bunny masks are for the three older ones. When I saw these at the store I knew they would get a kick out of them.

What are in your kids Easter baskets this year? Do you have a go-to item you always like to get?
What about you? Do you get an Easter basket? I am really excited about what my husband is getting in his this year!

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